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Bucks County Soapstone Offers Countertop Care & Maintenance Tips


Perkasie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2018 -- Bucks County Soapstone, a leading fabricator of soapstone kitchen countertops in Delaware County, PA, offers maintenance tips for homeowners who are looking to spruce up their soapstone this spring. And for those who are considering installing a soapstone countertop, these tips will show just how simple the cleaning process can be.

As spring cleaning time is inching closer, customers are encouraged to maintain and clean their soapstone kitchen countertop to keep it looking new and vibrant. Special waxes and oils are available to keep it shining and protected against stains. However, these cleaning materials aren't entirely necessary if customers are going for a different aesthetic.

Whether or not a customer uses oils and waxes depends solely on how they want their countertop to look. Oiling practices, or lack thereof, actually help to determine the shade of the soapstone's color. To have a darker countertop, owners should apply oil often. For a countertop with a lighter, more gray color, they should use a cleaner instead of oil.

Regardless of whether customers use oils or not, they should regularly clean their countertop with dish soap. For bigger cleaning jobs, any cleaners are acceptable. More aggressive cleaners tend to strip the mineral oil.

Besides cleaning it, there are a few ways to maintain soapstone and keep it in its best condition. If scratches are spotted on the surface, they should be sanded out as soon as possible. A tutorial is available here. And unlike other kinds of countertops, sealers should not be used on soapstone. It can cause spots on the stone, which can ultimately decrease its beauty.

This spring, homeowners in Montgomery County, PA should have all the tools and tips to clean their soapstone kitchen countertops the right way. And ultimately, the right way to clean it depends on the look that owners are trying to achieve. To learn more about maintenance tips, or to find a new soapstone countertop, interested parties can contact Bucks County Soapstone at https://bcsoapstone.com/ or 215-310-0290.

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