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Perkasie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2017 -- Redoing a kitchen or bath is an exciting time for a homeowner, but adding soapstone to a project can make it even more enjoyable. Soapstone is a rare material that can be matched with any color or texture in a room. Most customers ask Bucks County Soapstone what the difference is between soapstone and granite, and this company thinks the answer can be best answered when in the presence of this exceptional material. Anyone looking to buy a soapstone countertop in Philadelphia, PA does not need to look any further than Bucks County Soapstone.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and soapstone helps create a timeless atmosphere. Not only does it help make it look beautiful, but it will undoubtedly impress any guests that enter the room. It isn't just countertops that Bucks County Soapstone can supply, as they also have a wide range of sinks available.

Soapstone is a gentle and soft material, and it is extremely important to take special care of it. This top can scratch, but they will blend into the patina and become untraceable. With age, soapstone becomes stronger and better looking. Cleaning the top isn't too difficult, but Bucks County Soapstone warns that the more aggressive of a cleaner, the higher chance of the mineral oil being stripped off.

The cleaning solution they recommend is a dishwashing liquid, such as Dove, Joy or Palmolive. On top of cleaning, it is key to apply mineral oil to keep tops at the shade a homeowner likes. There no given schedule to follow for applying the oil, but when a client notices a shade getting light, it is a good time to apply it.

Those looking for soapstone kitchen countertops in Chester County, PA should call Bucks County Soapstone at 215-310-0290 for more information.

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The showroom at Bucks County Soapstone features a beautiful selection of soapstone sinks, countertops and wide variety of other unique designs. While checking out these products, customers will be impressed by the unique texture of the products and how tactile this type of stone truly is. By using soapstone as an alternative to luxury resources like marble or granite, customers will be adding a countertop, sink or shower to their home that works to complement any type of color scheme. Each custom design is handcrafted by the pros at Bucks County Soapstone, based on the specific needs and desires of their customers.

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