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Bucks County Women's Healthcare Currently Offering a Pregnancy Calculator on Their Website


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Looking for an estimated time as to when the delivery date of a newborn may be? Well, look no further than Bucks County Women’s Healthcare’s website, as it currently features a “Pregnancy Calculator” where expectant mothers can determine what their conception date may have been, the number of weeks they have been pregnant for, as well as when their expected due date is. The professionals at Bucks County Women’s Healthcare would also like to stress that every woman is different and that the results of the calculator may differ from those of the actual outcome. However, to make the information as precise as possible, it is important that a woman be able to recollect when the first day of her last menstrual period occurred.

As for the results of their Pregnancy Calculator, the two things that determine the results is of course how precise an expectant mother is in remembering when the first day of her last period was, as well as what the average number of days in her menstrual cycle is. After hitting the “calculate” button of the calculator, the results that are yielded will include the likely conception date, the end of the 1st trimester, what the expected due date is after 40 weeks, and more.

After finding out that she is pregnant, a woman may feel overwhelmed with all of the changes that are occurring in her body. By having a better idea of when she is due, as well as when her 1st and 2nd trimester ends, she may have an added peace of mind that will make the experience a lot smoother.

Immediately after woman finds out she is pregnant, it is also important that she schedule an appointment with a Bucks County OBGYN/gynecologist such as Bucks County Women’s Healthcare. To hear more about Bucks County Women’s Healthcare, or to try their “Pregnancy Calculator” please visit http://www.buckscountywomenshealthcare.com.

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Bucks County Women’s Healthcare in Bucks County, PA is a leader in gynecology, obstetrics, pregnancy, and infertility. Their team of dedicated gynecologists for Bucks County and Lower Bucks County can provide patients with exams and information for all of their gynecology and obstetrics needs. With their friendly and motivated staff of physicians and certified physician’s assistants, they make sure that during each of its patients visits to the Bucks County office, they are relaxed and at ease. They pride themselves with not only having the best women’s health doctors in Bucks County and the Lower Bucks County, PA area, but also in providing the highest customer satisfaction for their valued patients.