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Bucks County Women's Healthcare Releases New Tips as to Why It Is Important for Mothers to Go Full Term


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- All the women who have ever been pregnant can confirm that nearing the end of a full term pregnancy can test one’s body to its limits when it comes to enduring discomfort and pain. Between the pressure and sore ribs, the doctors at Bucks County Women’s Healthcare know that a mother’s wish is to hurry their little one along, however in some cases the baby might not be ready. The Bucks County OBGYN urges their patients to wait till full term unless there are medical concerns for the mother.

Over the years, the gynecologists in Philadelphia have seen what happens when babies are delivered early. Babies being delivered early has been known to result in pre-mature lungs, low blood sugar, or jaundice to name a few. In the final weeks of a pregnancy, the baby is still developing their brain, lungs and liver, which are all very important when it comes to bringing a newborn into the world. That is why Bucks County Women’s Healthcare urges women to wait until full term, so the labor is less painful and the risk of a C-section is diminished.

It is Dr. Hasiuk’s duty to prevent any unnecessary complications during a delivery at Saint Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. Going full term allows for a safer delivery for both the mother and the baby when it comes to medical conditions. Counting down to the final days can make a woman extremely antsy and inpatient, but in the long run the benefits are much greater. The OBGYN strives to make their patients as calm and comfortable as possible during every stage of the pregnancy. Bucks County Women’s Healthcare is here to provide those with the correct information and benefits that come along with waiting to deliver full term. Contact Bucks County Women’s Healthcare today for more information or questions one may have during the final weeks of pregnancy.

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