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Bucks Pellets Prepares for Increased Demand of Barefoot Wood Pellets


Fountaineville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2017 -- Barefoot Pellet Co. is a leading provider of clean fuel in Pennsylvania and has been in business for over a decade. The company offers multiple types of renewable energy sources that can be used in wood stoves and fireplaces as a gas heat alternative. Together with Bucks Pellets, a trusted reseller located in Fountainville, PA Barefoot Pellet Co. has been giving clients multiple heating options for their homes. The company's pellets hold a "Super Premium" distinction and are made from natural hardwood sawdust. When asked about Barefoot's line of products, Joe Dowd of Bucks Pellets said, "Barefoot makes incredible products. Their products help consumers keep cost down, feel warmer, and have minimal carbon football. We expect to see a lot of requests for their Envi Blocks and Barefoot Beautiful this winter."

December through March is the busiest time of the year for Bucks Pellets, and orders are placed at their highest rate due to families that are doing everything they can to combat the cold weather. Residents and businesses stock up on everything from Douglas Fir wood pellets in Bucks County, PA, to Barefoot hardwood pellets in Lehigh County, PA. Bucks Pellets maintains an active inventory of all of their products year round, and the company often gains business when customers realize the limited stock and selection at big ticket stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. "We treat families the way we'd want to be treated, and we heat families the way they deserve to be heated," said Joe Dowd of Bucks Pellets.

Barefoot Pellet Co. and Bucks Pellets are both family-owned and operated. Interested parties are encouraged to visit http://buckspellets.com and http://barefootpellet.com for more information on their products and services.

About Bucks Pellets
Bucks Pellets is a family-owned company specializing in providing wood pellets for residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh, Northampton, and Hunterdon Counties in PA and NJ. The company offers delivery services as well as pickup options and also sells bagged coal, compressed wood logs, and other materials that can act as renewable fuels for fireplaces and stoves. The company also offers storage services for residents and businesses who do not have sufficient space for bulk shipments.

For more information visit http://buckspellets.com.