Bucks Pellets

Bucks Pellets Sells Wood Pellet Heating Fuel All-Year Long


Fountaineville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2017 -- Bucks Pellets is a leading provider of wood pellets in Northampton County, PA, and surrounding areas. This business has at least a half-dozen wood pellet heating fuel brands in stock all year long.

Unlike other stores that sell wood pellet heating fuel during certain months of the year, Bucks Pellets can be depended on. This is especially true during the latter stages of the heating season when pellet stove owners are running low and are unsuccessful searching for heating fuel at their go-to retailers.

Bucks Pellets, a leading barefoot wood pellets supplier in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding counties, currently has Hamer's Hot Ones and Northern Warmth Douglas Fir wood pellets in stock. The company always has at least six different wood pellet brands available.

Hamer's Hot Ones pellet fuel is made from sawdust and compressed into pellets that supply clean, reliable heat with low emissions and minimal ash. The pellets of Northern Warmth Douglas Fir, meanwhile, are made out of 100 percent natural West Coast Softwood Douglas Fir. These pellets burn long, clean and extremely hot. They also create virtually no ash.

The family-owned business thrives due to their impeccable customer service, diverse product catalog and delivery radius. They test burn over 20 different brands per year in an attempt to absorb more knowledge about their products. To learn more about Hamer's Hot Ones and Northern Warmth Douglas Fir, interested parties can visit https://buckspellets.com/ or give them a call at 267-999-9135.

About Bucks Pellets
Bucks Pellets is a family-owned company specializing in providing wood pellets for residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh, Northampton, and Hunterdon Counties in PA and NJ. The company offers delivery services as well as pickup options and also sells bagged coal, compressed wood logs, and other materials that can act as renewable fuels for fireplaces and stoves. The company also offers storage services for residents and businesses who do not have sufficient space for bulk shipments.

For more information visit http://buckspellets.com.