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Buckyballs Store Launches a Playful Collection of BuckyBalls Toys


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Fans take no more than a few minutes to fall in love with magnetic toys. The buckyballs toys by Buckyballs Store has Fans  from various countries glued to them for quite some time now. The products by the store are absolutely safe for Fans  and are made under strict supervision with regards to the quality. The latest range of buckyballs, buckybars and buckycubes launched by the site, has already gripped the attention of the patrons at the site. Most Fans are looking forward to creating toys with the combination of balls, bars and cubes available at the site.

The store has already made its intentions clear on the customer base it wants to create with its delivery policy. Products are generally delivered in under two weeks to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia and France. The bigger part of the policy comes with the declaration at the store website to ship products free to all these countries. The store assumes absolute responsibility in case the shipment goes missing. Customers can claim a full monetary refund or ask the store to dispatch another order immediately.

The range and variety of buckyballs toys that Fans can create with the products available at Buckyballs Store is beyond imagination. The 36 piece gold buckybars, for example, facilitate the creation of more unconventional toys. Fans can also use a combination of several other balls, cubes and bars available at the store to create larger and more meaningful table-top monuments. Imperatively, they may dismantle those and create new ones at will.

Paul, the Sales Manager at the site recently briefed the media saying: “Fans love toys and we are making more meaningful, curious and technology-based products for them. We are different from other toy manufacturers in that we do not build toys as a whole. We just supply the raw material to Fans  and they build toys for themselves. This is something that still amazes us.”

“We are looking to take our products to Fans  all over the world. Towards this. We are giving away free shipment to the US, Australia and several other countries that lie between.”

About Buckyballs Store
Buckyballs Store is a leading online seller of buckyballs, buckybar and buckycude products. The new collection of buckyballs toys has just been unveiled at the store website.

Further knowledge of the products can be gained at

Contact Person: Paul, sale manager
Phone Number: 86-510-86839966