Anthony “Amp” Elmore

Buddha, Black History Month and the Soul of America


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- February is Black History Month. In 2009 scientist revealed “Ardi” the missing link of the world’s oldest human ancestor that proves evolution. Ardipitecus humankind earliest ancestor was found in Ethiopia. She is 4.4 million years old. This finding is the ultimate Black History. Black History is simply a human history prospective. The worlds most exciting Black history prospective is found in ancient India. India in ancient times was known as “Eastern Ethiopia.” The origins of the major world religions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity all came from ancient India. Black history is teaching about the Black Harappan culture and ruins found in India now called Pakistan. The Black Harappa and Mohenjo Daro civilizations were recently found to be 2000 years older than Ancient Egypt.

In 1500 B.C. a swarms of people called Aryans or modern Whites invaded and destroyed this civilization. A war took place in India that lasted for 1000 years called the Mahabharata. These Aryans are the fathers of racism. They created a “sanctified racism” in their religion called Hinduism. Hinduism taught that all humans were born un-equal. Hinduism taught a cast system based on color. The cast system in India is the worst inhumanity against hu-manity in human history. Aryans went on to conquer all of India and Africa. This history later lead to slavery in America. Their Aryan name is still used today. Most know the Ancient Aryan culture today as Iran. The old name is Persia. Other Aryans established Babylon or current day Iraq. At the time that Persian King Cambyses II conquered Black Egypt and attempted to conquer Kush or Nubia Sudan the 1st Black Revolutionary Hero emerged in India. This Black hero’s name was Shakyamuni, better known as Buddha. India progressed under Buddhist but later killed by Hinduism. During India Buddhism A Black king by the name of Asoka sent Buddhist missionaries worldwide to spread the Buddha’s teachings. Buddha means wisdom. He introduced the world’s 1st equalitarian religion that challenged not only the cast system, Buddha in the Lotus Sutra made women were equal to men. Buddha was known worldwide as the “Prince of Peace.”

No human in the world has more ancient monuments or statures of himself than Buddha. The Buddhist religion reached Asia, Africa and Europe. The peaceful Buddhist were slaughtered in Europe and the religion had to move in secret underground. The Buddhist were known in Europe as Gnostics. The father of Western Philosophy Socrates was Black and he was a Buddhist. Buddha means enlighten or wisdom.

Socrates taught Buddhist theory of metempsychosis or transmigration of the Soul. Socrates was killed because his philosophy. Buddhist missionaries were in Egypt, they were called gymnosophists or naked people. In short what became the Christian Church today and Christ is the story of Buddha. Buddhism and Christianity was the same religion until the Paulites got into the papal chair. The Black Buddhist history is extremely important to world because it teaches an enlighten view of hu-manity. The world Christ and Buddha means the same; anointed or enlighten.

The Buddha taught that embracing the “Lotus Sutra” all humans are capable of attaining enlightenment. We explain enlightenment best in our Buddhist Lecture; “The Wizard of Oz.” There is a song lyric that said “Oz never gave anything to the tin man that he did not already have.” Buddhism in its pure form emerged inclusive of the culture of the people who embraced it. Indians were passive while Chinese were active. Buddhism emerged from India to China, as an active way of Kung Fu or martial arts.

Anthony “Amp” Elmore a five time world Kickboxing cham-pion embraced Zen Buddhism via his study of Martial arts starting in 1970. Elmore became a Nichiren Buddhist in 1974. He studied a secular Buddhism. In 1996 Elmore traveled to Japan and studied Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism directly from Japanese Priest. When Memphis Buddhist decided to learn Buddhism directly from Japanese Priest Memphis was the largest Nichiren Shoshu Black Buddhist group in America.

Elmore noticed that at the Memphis meetings Black people departed Buddhist and those who were left were all act-ing Japanese. Elmore notes that he is enlighten on “Black Culture.” The Japanese Priest taught us not Buddhism but Japanese culture. Elmore notes that Memphis is the “Soul of America,” where Blues, Jazz, Soul and Rock and Roll was born. Elmore broke away from the Nichiren Shoshu and organized the Proud Black Buddhist Association. He wrote a Buddhist lecture called Elvis and Buddhism. Elmore notes that Memphis is the “Soul of America.” Memphis is the slave capital of America where our “King got Killed.” Rock and Roll, Soul Music, Roots writer Alex Haley, Tina Turner the most noted Black Buddhist in the world come from the Memphis metropolitan area. It is natural that the Proud Black Buddhist World Association world emerge from Memphis. The Soul of America.