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Buddy Marketing Outshines the Competition by Combining Micro Influencing and Online Marketing


Emmen, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2017 -- Buddy Marketing, a full-service digital marketing and advertising company that just opened in 2016, is smashing expectations by providing a uniquely niche service that isn't attainable anywhere else today. Experiencing considerable growth numbers since opening, Buddy Marketing is revolutionizing the influencer marketing scene with what is called "micro-influencing" today.

By providing jobs for people around the world while giving businesses the highest possible quality of online marketing services today, Buddy Marketing's platform is for people to earn money by completing simple promotional tasks, as well as businesses that need online marketing.

"Micro-influencer marketing, also known as friend-to-friend marketing, is considered to bet the Holy Grail of online marketing right now," said Nadim Bradai, Founder and Owner of Buddy Marketing. "This consists of regular everyday people sharing brands that they like with their friends, resulting in the highest possible return on investment ever seen in influencer marketing."

Right now, Buddy Marketing is the only platform in the world that is delivering on micro-influencing marketing services. By capitalizing from the personal, innate connection that develops from friend-to-friend recommendations, Buddy Marketing is essentially providing grassroots, organic marketing for companies that need to get the momentum going.

Also as full-service digital marketing agency, Buddy Marketing provides comprehensive blog marketing, content marketing, forum marketing, app promotion and downloads, social media comments and interaction, and the list goes on.

"Reports from the likes of Nielsen and other major institutions have confirmed that recommendations from friends remains the most credible form of advertising among consumers today," said Martijn van Dijk. "Spread the word on the availability of our micro influencing services, and head on over to our website now to learn more about how we can spread the word regarding your business."

About Buddy Marketing
Buddy Marketing, founded in 2016, is a growing digital marketing and micro influencing platform that leverages the power of friend-to-friend marketing for brands and businesses today. Equipped to provide everything from content marketing to social media engagement, Buddy Marketing is the only company in the world to focus specifically on micro-influencing and providing brands with organic, grassroots marketing potential through friendly recommendations. As a result, Buddy Marketing provides jobs for people around the world while delivering online marketing results to interested businesses.

For more information, visit: http://buddymarketing.net/.

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