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BUGCO Educates Homeowners How Pests Can Harm One's Health


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- BUGCO Pest Control, a Texas State licensed commercial pest control service provider, educates homeowners, through an official statement on its website, that pests can actually harm the health of household members.

According to the company, while not all pests are harmful to humans, there are actually some that can indeed be very dangerous, particularly for physically vulnerable people such as the elderly and the children. The company, thus, encourages everyone to prevent the accumulation of pests and control their spread as early as possible.

From BUGCO’s researches and studies, a connection between some pests and asthma in children has been found out. Researches of the company explain, “There has been a significant amount of research done on the link between cockroaches as a leading trigger of asthma attacks, as well as allergies. The allergen proteins in cockroaches are contained in the saliva and droppings of the pests, but that’s not all.

They are also contained in the decomposing bodies of dead cockroaches, which mean that even if they have been killed by your own efforts, those pests can still trigger an asthma attack or a dangerous allergic reaction.”

Aside from this, a similar health risk has been associated with non-insect vermin like mice through another study. “The “frass” left behind in the carcasses, feces, and other rodent debris can trigger asthma and allergies in humans. Frass is also the term used for many insect deposits,” the experts continue.

More than the generalizations of the studies made, BUGCO recommends some solutions to avoid the health risks brought about pests in the house. Executives say, “If you have a cockroach infestation in the home, it is best to have us perform an extermination service immediately so to prevent an asthma attack, and also so that the carcasses will not linger in the home. Additionally, our treatment will prevent the risk of re-infestation.”

BUGCO aims that its Houston pest control customers be free from the harmful health risks of dangerous pests. Hence, it is opening its doors wide and leaving its phone lines open for potential customers to schedule pest control treatment whenever needed.

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