Build a Sustainable Workforce with HR Roles & Trends


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2022 -- Human experience at work is the foundation of building a sustainable workforce and the HR Role is directly connected to how successful this is likely to be. Since the start of the pandemic there has been a gradual, but seismic, shift in what employees want from the businesses they work for. It's not just about doing the best possible job and serving the interests of the organisation but also being able to find that all-important work-life balance. A workforce strategy that doesn't integrate this simply isn't going to work, especially when it comes to the balance of growth and profitability that creates the conditions for sustainability. There are currently a number of priorities and trends that are vital to note for leaders in an HR Role focused on making sustainability a reality.

- Hybrid working as a cultural norm. It's flexible and adaptable and gives employees more control over their lives, which is why hybrid working has so much to offer as an integrated part of business culture.

- Ongoing learning and development. Employees who learn with a business stay with a business. It's time for leaders in an HR Role to become learning advocates and refocus organisational priorities on continuous growth and learning to give employees a reason to stay.

- Listening to employees. Feedback, formal and informal, is key for developing a culture where employees feel heard and like they have a say in what happens next.

- Integrating new technology - with transparency. Smart technology has the potential to make employees' lives easier but it's vital to be clear about how that affects the right to privacy in particular.

- Wellbeing as a priority. The pandemic permanently blurred the line between the individual at home and the individual at work. As a result, employee wellbeing has been pushed up the agenda and given much more airtime. Both businesses and individuals feel the benefit when staff are happy, healthy, motivated and supported.

- Investing in diversity, inclusion and equality. Belonging and feeling valued are the cornerstones of a sustainable workforce. There are many ways for leaders in an HR Role to reflect this throughout the organisation, from the way candidates are recruited to how promotions are handled.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic]. Human experience is something that the team at Leathwaite has a wealth of experience in - and has made a priority within the firm. The core purpose of the business is "to create meaningful change through exceptional people," which is a mission that has informed every aspect of the way that the business is run. The focus on people, which integrates many of the above trends, from ongoing learning and development to wellbeing and diversity and inclusion, has generated impressive results for Leathwaite. Not only has the firm improved performance and achieved a consistent track record in growth with this approach but it also benefits from abnormally low staff turnover - one of the truest signs of a workforce that has real longevity. These achievements have embedded workforce sustainability at the heart of the way that Leathwaite is run and given the team real insight into how to support others in doing the same, including when it comes to HR Roles.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. HR Roles are a critical business function and the quality of talent makes a big difference to many aspects of an organisation, from culture to performance. Leathwaite has supported businesses in finding key interim people and HR leaders with the skill set to contribute to the conversation on sustainable workforce building. Seamless HR leadership is increasingly a priority today and the team at Leathwaite is able to draw on a global network of connections and talent to help find the right people for the job, from Chief HR Officers to transformation consultants and other HR Roles. In a sector such as this, global reach is especially key and this is something that the firm has achieved with consultants based in Asia, North America and Europe. The team seeks out, vets and recruits HR leaders from across all disciplines to give clients the resilience necessary to embed sustainability going forward.

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