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Build a Website That Converts Traffic to Profits With Tips from Jeff Usner at Profit Hub

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Earning a substantial income from an internet business is a very simple and easy thing to accomplish with the right skills and strategies. Learn how to create winning websites that convert into cash from the latest website creation module from the hottest internet marketing training ground

Profit Hub announces the new training module added to help members make more money online by building a web site that converts traffic to profits. A landing page is like a business card on the internet. It is the first thing the target audience sees about you. What if your landing page is poorly done? Naturally there won’t be much conversion and there won’t be much money. However, if the landing page is great, it will be easier to make more money online. This is the simple concept following the new module on building websites launched recently. The latest module from the internet marketing training company aims to equip marketers with the right concept and skills on how to create killer landing pages to reverse the luck of their businesses on the internet in no time.

Internet millionaire Jeff Usner, founder of Profit Hub, says one of the biggest reasons people fail in their online businesses is the fact that their landing pages do not exactly work for them. In the course of his career, Jeff has created countless landing of pages and with his long experience comes the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, what to test and what not to test. He reveals there is an exact science to making websites that convert and make money. It does not happen by accident entirely, not at all.

In the build a website module, he shares the ins and outs of landing pages that totally kill it. According to him, if only internet marketers will know how to construct a proper website, their conversion rates will shoot out of the roof immediately. Most of the time, a product or service being offered has nothing to do with the income generated by the business because target customers do not even get to the offer for they are turned off by the website right at the get go.

Within, secrets and keys on how to work landing pages to the fullest are provided and instructed to give marketers the chance to work on their websites and improve their conversions. Jeff says the basic foundation of website building has seven steps and this seven steps are simplified and dissected during the training the company offers so that members can implement them sooner rather than later. The internet millionaire admits the strategies on landing page creation that are taught at the company are the exact ones he uses for his many companies.

There are many other modules for internet marketers to take advantage of within Profit Hub but the building website part is a very good one that has helped a lot already. Serious marketers who want to make the most money online should not miss it for the world. But the best news is this module is only one part of the powerful training platform that the company has in store. They also provide training on other areas of internet marketing from email marketing, social media, SEO, business concept, and more. Check out to learn more details and find out how your business on the internet can explode today.

Jeff Usner is an internet millionaire and a highly sought business coach and mentor. He helps small and big business alike create systems and funnels which will transform their business processes into the most productive, most efficient, and most profitable systems there is. Profit Hub is the place to gain an edge with internet marketing training and have more free time.