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People who are looking to improve their level of fitness in a relaxing environment can opt for the CrossFit GPP program


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- CrossFit Unit is focused on the development of physical fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle, by means of a holistic approach. The standard methodologies and equipment used in CrossFit training enable all members to achieve better health and fitness in an orderly manner.

The most effective and reliable General Physical Preparatory program or GPP organized by this fitness unit consists of metabolic conditioning, body weight movements and weightlifting gymnastics. Members are ensured a rejuvenated feeling through effective 60-minute classes covering functional training and other activities.

The services offered by CrossFit Unit include personal training, group training, corporate or off-site training, open session gym and regular CrossFit training. In order to get started with the process of fitness, individuals can attend introductory classes, which will give them a comprehensive idea about the program. After that the fundamental classes and regular classes will begin; these are designed exclusively to make every member healthy and fit throughout their life span.

The ten most important physical characteristics of this unit and its training program comprise cardiovascular, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

The website says, “The objective of CrossFit is described as ‘Moving a Load over a Distance over a Time Period/Interval’ influencing everyone’s daily activities, in modern fitness. CrossFit programming enables efficient and effective use of time as each session’s duration spans over 60 minutes.”

People who are interested in joining the CrossFit training program can visit the website for collecting more details. Membership is categorized as Single Regular Membership at S$200 per month, Single Regular Deluxe Membership at $225 per month, Single Regular Supreme Membership at $250 per month and so on. Families can choose from Married Couple Regular Membership at $385 per month and Married Couple Supreme Membership at $435 per month.

In addition, CrossFit Unit Fundamentals are offered at S$180 for two sessions, Single CrossFit Drop-In Class Pass at S$30 per session and 4 Regular CrossFit Classes Pass at $105. These are made available to suit the needs of diverse customers across the country.

The demand for a healthy and fit body has increased considerably over the years. Obesity leads to the occurrence of many dangerous diseases and health issues. A healthy lifestyle can bring freshness and rejuvenate both body and mind.

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CrossFit Unit is engaged in the improvement of physical health of people in Singapore. This fitness unit offers a number of programs, which ensures better health in a fun-filled atmosphere.

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