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Build Your Own Light Saber at Ultra Sabers LLC

Ultra Sabers LLC announces how to build your own Light Saber


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- With the help of Ultra Sabers LLC, it is now possible to build your own real lightsaber. Ultra Sabers LLC is a manufacturer of custom replica lightsabers for use in sword play or costumes.

In order to build a custom star wars light saber of your very own you will combine all of these options to create a custom saber: Sound, electronics, bodies, claws, emitters, couplers, pommels and complete hilts. Once combined to the customers liking the real light saber will be assembled in Ultra Saber’s manufacturing studio and is then shipped to the clients.

There are a great deal of variety and options to be had with a custom light saber from Ultra Sabers LLC. From choosing sound effects to deciding which hilt and body combination there are many reasons why building your own saber is the best choice when looking to get into sword play or costume fun. You can get started today by going to Ultra Sabers LLC and build your own lightsaber. Of the many options available you will be sure to get a unique and high quality light saber for use in whatever you would like.

About Ultra Sabers
Ultra Sabers LLC is a manufacturer of a variety of real and replica lightsabers. Manufactured primarily for use in sword play, their custom lightsabers are made in many varieties including light sabers with sound effects, custom light saber hilt designs and hyperblade lightsabers. This unique company is one of the only lightsaber production companies on the market today. For more detail please visit, http://www.ultrasabers.com/.