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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- The Real Estate Industry in New York is very familiar with Ron Herscho and he needs no special introduction because of his immense contribution to the industry. Ron is known for building spaces that are luxurious yet affordable. His residential projects meet the modern day needs of today’s generation. These projects come with a variety of luxurious facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, screening rooms, indoor recreation centers and many more. Ron contributed to some of the most unique and innovative projects in NY.

The Residential Towers 306 and 313 Gold Street in Downtown Brooklyn were some of his marvelous creations. 306 Gold Street, a multistoried building spread across 400,000 square feet host 303 condo units. 313 Gold Street, a 35 story building spread across 250,000 square feet hosts 214 condo units. These residential spaces have not only proved to be luxuriously well spaced but also affordable for many home buyers. Ron is not just an entrepreneur but a philanthropist and a humanitarian. Ron is associated with the Russell Simmon’s Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation that works positively to transform the lives of artists who are less fortunate in Brooklyn. The Foundation also promotes arts education among the disadvantaged youth.

Ron also involves in various other charity works and had also gifted a building to a school in Rockaway which was facing issues with low accommodation and classroom space for the students. Apart from being a great entrepreneur and a noble person, Ron is also an avid runner. He likes to take part in marathons and had participated in a variety of marathons in New York, Boston and Brooklyn. His practice sessions are very hardcore and makes sure he does not miss a session. Ron aims to participate in international marathons in the near future.

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About Ron Hershco
Ron Hershco is a leading real estate entrepreneur in New York. Ron started his career in the year 1992 as a real estate agent and within a span of four years he became the topmost revenue generator for his company and in 1996 he started his own company. Ron is not just an industrialist but also an avid runner who has a strict running practice schedule and has also completed 8 marathons in New York and Brooklyn.

Ron Hershco