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Building Inspector App Boosts Profits and Empowers Mobile Workforce Worldwide

Formitize unveils Building Inspector App – designed to increase profits and empower the mobile workforce of building inspector businesses around the world.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Building inspectors around the world are all abuzz over Building Inspector App – a software designed to make life easier for building inspectors and business owners. Inspectors usually rely on paper documents as they carry clipboards with several forms and checklists everywhere. Building Inspector App has changed all that as this paperless solution promotes professionalism of the mobile workforce by making paperwork paperless.

What Building Inspector App Does

Building Inspector App provides home inspection report template, Mobile Property Inspection Report, Pre-Purchase Reports, Pre-Handover, Property Appraisals, General Inspection Reports, and other digital forms to field agents on-site. The managers in the office can use the Building Inspection App to track the activities of the inspectors. This will ensure that the workers are doing their job.

Aside from real-time monitoring, this paperless software also manages Building Inspection Paperwork and storage. Supervisors can easily gather the data through the app and users can create specific reports using existing templates. Building inspection companies can use Building Inspection App to save money on paper and printer expenses. Using smart forms is one way to make the business more cost effective.

Amazing Building Inspection App Benefits

Users of Building Inspector App will make fewer mistakes while on the job as they fill out the app’s Building Inspection Checklist. This increases productivity and overall efficiency as their mobile workforce can do their job with utmost precision. They can generate any type of report on the spot at any stage without the need to ask for additional information from the office. This saves precious time and guarantees that they get things done right.

Supervisors can find out who among the building inspectors in the field is free and can assign new tasks in an instant. Building Inspection App allows supervisors to effectively manage their workers, who, in turn, don’t need to replenish their mobile forms from the office because they can access new paperless forms from the app even while they are in the field. The digital forms save company time and effort by improving workflow. Supervisors can monitor events as they unfold using paperless reports. They can also check the smart forms as soon as the inspectors submit them to the cloud server.

The data stored in the cloud using the Building Inspector App is safe and secure and can only be accessed by approved users. It stores the company’s policies, documents, and other files that are needed in the daily operations of the company. Managers can provide access to the company’s brochures and catalogs to clients and potential customers to give them an idea of how the company can best serve them.

Building Inspector App is an innovative tool that can help businesses in the industry. It gives access to all types of paperless forms while on the field and eliminates the need for paper. It’s a powerful program that is ideal for people who want to improve the profitability of their businesses and at the same time empower their mobile workforce.

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About Building Inspector App
Building Inspector App is used globally by building inspector businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and improve the professionalism of their reporting.

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