ApplenMicro Offers DIY Shed Plans to Help Eliminate Home Clutter

If you need to get your home more organized, you can store away items that are not often used. One great solution is to invest in a storage shed. Many websites offer free DIY shed plans, not only will this save you money, you will have a quality custom shed. has added more shed plans to their site. This website is designed to make finding these free quality plans fast and easy.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- The creators of the website: are excited to announce that they have recently added a series of new plans for building utility sheds. While other sites may have shed plans available, most of those ask for a high fee to get the plans to you. was designed with the intent to share as many plans online as possible at low or no cost whatsoever.

The designers of the site are accomplished woodworkers themselves, and they have been building things in the shop for years. ”We loved this craft so much,” said site owner, Jason G. Cardell, “that we just knew it was something we knew enough about to share with others like us; you know, enthusiasts.” But they knew that in order to be successful, they would have to offer more than just building plans, so they decided to also offer other Do it Yourself projects, and even garden projects.

The site was originally developed and launched on September 18, 2011. While the site started from humble beginnings, there has developed a dedicated following to the site and all it has to offer. Woodworkers from all around the world log in to find the best in detailed and easy to read building plans. Located in Sacramento, California, the developers of the site are now enjoying the benefits of getting to know so many woodworkers around the world. “It’s like being in a big, big club”, said Cardell, “Maybe we should have a secret handshake, too.” Humor is his friend, as the stress related to keeping the site fresh and content-rich has its moments of pressure. Occasionally (not often) the servers might hiccup, causing Cardell to become anxious, but, the viewers never seem to complain.

One might wonder how Cardell plans to earn income from this model of free building plans. It appears that the income is derived from advertising on the right hand column of the page. It’s almost unnoticeable at first, until you search for it. The ads do not overpower the site at all, and the site remains attractive and well-designed.

The site has quite a list of categories there, and it has been reproduced here for review. Within each category, are at least 5 complete plans for each and some having sub-categories.

Adirondack, Arbor, BBQ, Benches , Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Bridge, Chicken Coops, Compost Bin, Decks, Dog Houses, Fences, Gazebos, Greenhouses, Patio Chairs, Patio Tables, Pergola, Picnic Tables, Planters, Sheds, Trellis, Tree houses, and even Window Boxes. In fact, there are over 200 woodworking plans that anyone can use to build outdoor furniture and structures. All the plans are reviewed and only quality plans are added. IF one is interested in such an offer, just visit the website today at to learn more.

About was created by Jason G. Cardel, an experienced woodworker, who strives on providing quality plans to everyone from beginners to experts.

Location: Sacramento, California