Joe Bragg Reveals Exactly How Much It Costs to Build a Home in the UK


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Most people do not build their own homes. Most people pay someone to build a home or buy a pre-built home. However, those who do build their own homes can often save thousands of pounds while also designing the home exactly how they want.

A website called wants to help UK residents build their own homes. The website recently revealed how much it costs to build a home in the UK, including material costs, equipment costs, and more. The website also features a general guide entitled, “How to Build Your Own House” which explains the step by step guide to building a home from the ground up.

For those wondering how much it actually costs to build a home, a spokesperson for explains what the website’s research revealed:

“We were surprised by how affordable it was to build a home in the UK. There’s no single answer for the price of a home in the UK because it varies widely across the country. Fortunately, we did come up with a ballpark figure of between £80 to £100 per square foot. This is based on the premise that qualified builders are constructing the home, but we feel that the ballpark estimate is accurate for those who aren’t professional builders as well.”

When someone builds a home themselves, it reduces the costs of labour but it doesn’t reduce the costs of material. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to reduce material costs, and features an article entitled, “How to Build a House as Cheaply as Possible” where readers will learn some of the essential rules for building a low cost house. Those rules include avoiding structures with more than four external walls and four external corners, as well as removing extravagant design pieces like spiral staircases.

Of course, building a home also takes time. During that time, the homebuilders may have to pay for an alternate residence or continue living in another home. explains that building a home in the UK takes, on average, seven months to go from an empty property to a fully-constructed house.

Ultimately, building a home without the use of professional builders can help UK homeowners save thousands of pounds - or even hundreds of thousands of pounds - off the final price tag. With the help of, even amateur builders can answer the question: “How much does it cost to build a house?”

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