Top SEO Makes Email Verification Easy provides a fast and affordable approach to bulk email verification for multiple business types, and completely online to make it easy.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- The real-time bulk email verification services by are designed for a company that maintains an email list database of its customers for continued contact or marketing. Most businesses know the importance of a clean email list to reduce wasted time in chasing inaccurate leads or clogged email lists because of SPAM. Other important, but sometimes forgotten savings of email verification include employee time management and network resources.

No longer the case, has been long awaited to serve as the fill in solution for bulk uploading an email marketing list and in turn getting back a clean, highly accurate list ready for sales leads. With a focus around continued budget tightening by mid-large business entities, and already small budgets from small business or startups - has reinvented the wheel from traditional bulk email providers with state of the art scanning technology.

"No company wants an email list full of fake addresses" said Michael Paul, founder of the service. " is built for every level of business, from entry level startups to large corporation such as call centers, database companies, or individual email marketer. The money is in the list as they say, and a fine tuned list delivers real results".

With an intuitive delivery platform that prevents one's business from SPAM flagging, the interface is highly honed and easy to use by anyone with simple technology skills, and resembles a common desktop spreadsheet software to ensure a familiar experience. The service is delivered completely online, with absolutely no software to download like older systems have. The entire process is web based, and can be performed anywhere with internet access. Combine those features with the ease of upload and download features, and a clean list can be pulled back from the system in a matter of minutes.

Pricing and Availability

The bulk email verifier web based platform from is available for service now at Pricing starts at affordable entry level lists and tops out at enterprise level list cleaning if needed. For more details on pricing, visit

Specializing in email verification services since 2010, is a leading provider of individual email verification. Over the years, the demand for our service grew exceptionally well, and both businesses and individuals alike had a large need for email verification and list cleaning.

As user demand increased, as well as requests for a bulk method of verifying emails, our focus expanded to create a bulk lookup service that complimented our individual email verification tool. With several years of development, they are proud to launch as a solution to the needs one has for a trusted and fast bulk processing service.

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