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Bull Market Anniversary - Its a Stock Market Bear Raid


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Chip Smith, A Leading financial Market Analyst from says the last few days have sent professional stock traders crazy, as economic worries slow down, as the US government continue to pump up and inflate the markets with money out of thin air. He claims its time to celebrate the bull market anniversary which has been going on for 5 years now or since 2009.

Chip is well know in the traders blogosphere for his insanely accurate calls, and hinted that 1900 on the SPX would come mid year. Well JUNE 2014 is now here and we are currently sitting at 1920 on the SPX index. Many traders and so called market pundits who laughed off his claims are now sitting back and eating humble pie, while chip and his very well educated analysts chose not to gloat but to warn his members to prepare for more highs later in 2014.

Today Chip was quoted as saying “We have all this money flooding the markets, and the governments trying to scare investors with tapering and interest rates talks, but no one is focusing on what is happening right now. We have billions of dollars entering the market each month on autopilot. That is killing the market bears and those trying to call the top of the market. Many analysts are out there calling a top in the market every 2 days now, and wondering why we keep going up? Well, as long as this money keeps entering the market levitating it, and keeping it afloat, the more chance we see higher lows and higher highs going into 2015”

Chip has done well over the years and uses a contrarian approach to trading the stock market. He uses a strategy he terms, the sentiment index, which he created for his students. This is a gauge that follows where the big money is going day to day on the market and helps stay on the right side of the market.

His latest VIX calls at his blog put the cat amongst the pigeons and those bold calls also seem to be coming into fruition also.

In an interview earlier this year, Chip talked about the financial crisis and the mentality of traders has changed, they are over cautious, missing buying opportunities and when they realise it is too late, they do not want to pull the trigger, only to watch the market skid up even higher. This is a vicious cycle that seems to repeat itself.

Most people are not in tune with the market right now, and most think that a crash is due, because the market has gone up so high in the last few years. Chip was quoted as saying “Bull markets do not just decide to stop one day, or in a week, and then crash to ground zero. The current bull market is no different and there is a ways to go yet, in my opinion”

Right now, the fed isstill pumping trillions of dollars into the market, the banks are heavily invested in the market, large funds and institutes are buying up big, and with smart money so heavily invested chip’s charts and leading indicators are suggesting, this bull market run still has lots of ammo and room to move higher.

Those who listened to Chip’s advice over the last few years have reaped huge rewards. But chip shies away from the spotlight because he claims to be in love with the market, and tells his clients he has a passion to train, and teach others. The tools and analysis he uses are second to none, and that has given him an added advantage to putting a pulse on the market. It has nothing to do with reading tea leaves but using the right tools and strategies which keep him at the top of his game, he says. Chip’s results and the repour he has with his clients speak for themselves. They call him the Nostradamus of the stock market because he is eerily accurate in predicting stock market movement’s right before they happen.

His studies and recommendations are said to be the best around, as he has a select criteria and a secret strategy. This gives him the a leading edge and ability to predict market movements before they happen, and his track record he seems to be a man who knows what he is talking about, as he has gained much media attention and also been sort after by many highly elite investors and fortune 500 companies for his services in the last several years.

The smart money is pouring into many solid vehicles at the moment, and chip strives to help his clients stay two steps ahead of the herd. Chip will expose where the institutional and big money funds are investing right now. The results are surprising for his members.

Chip has a fantastic track record and normally charges exuberant fees for his training, however he has opened his private VIP trading network for the next 7 days, FREE OF CHARGE at where Chip shows investors what the big guys on wall street are looking at and why they are always profitable. Now you too have the chance to see how easy it is to profit in 2014 as the bull market continues.

About The Sentiment Trader
Chip Smith is a full time trader, well renowned for his accuracy in calling stock market movements before they happen. He trains amateur investors and fortune 500 companies in see where the big opportunities lie with individual stocks, S&P 500, commodities, crude and other vehicles on the market. For more Please visit -

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