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Corpus Christi, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Franchise restaurants are the latest fetish with entrepreneurs around the world. Not only does this format of restaurants offer a turnkey layout for operation, it is also rewarding since the owner does not have to put in any extra effort to promote the company. However, many businessmen feel they have to contribute a great deal of investment in order to get their business up and running. Thankfully, that is not the case with Bull Chicks and its family of franchisers.

Bull Chicks, a fast growing chain of fast food restaurants is no stranger to popularity. The brand since its inception in Texas has come a long way in becoming America’s favorite and trusted fast food ‘go to’ brand. And, now the company is offering entrepreneurs with the unique opportunity to open up franchise restaurants. Bull Chicks which is primarily known to serve wraps, burgers, wings and salads is offering franchises opportunities to those who would like to make good use of their time and money.

Bull Chicks has created a novel niche for cheap franchise. That is so because it is probably one of the few names in this business that does not demand a lump sum amount of money in terms of investment.

Interested parties can now own exclusive rights for the Bull Chicks brand at a fee of $39,000. For those who would like to own more than one unit, will be charged $35,000. The amount of investment is fairly reasonable given the demand predicted for the growth of fast food industry in the country.

Currently the market for fast food is above a $ 110 million and this number is fast going to go up. Food franchise owners can use this opportunity to bank on the goodwill of Bull Chicks brand and make a mark of their own. No other chain of franchise restaurants offers what Bull Chicks has. It is a win-win prospect no franchiser can ignore.

Bull Chicks franchise restaurants are also known to fall into the category of cheap franchise because the requirement in terms of space for setting up shop is very less. Locations of this food franchise generally fall in the range of 1400 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. For those who are interested to use the Bull Chicks brand and benefit from the growth expected by the brand to achieve in the coming few years, both classroom as well as onsite training is available.

Bull Chicks has over the years gained the reputation of serving delicious food with no compromise on quality of product and service whatsoever. With their latest announcement to absorb new franchisers, the company expects to exceed customer expectations and also contribute to the economy. To know more about the company and how to make use of the franchises opportunities log onto http://bullchicksfranchise.com

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