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Bullet Poker: 7 Poker & Hold'em Combines Classic 7 Poker and Texas Hold'em in Stunning App


Seoul, S. Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Word is spreading quickly about the exciting new Bullet Poker: 7 Poker & Hold’em poker app, which has finally arrived at the App Store. Part of the Masterpiece of Poker Series, the app combines the Classic 7 poker game and thrillingly realistic Texas Hold’em in one game. The App is now available from the App Store and Google Play.

With the release of the new Bullet Poker: 7 Poker & Hold’em App, Poker aficionados and anyone that loves poker can play whenever and wherever they want. The Casino game App brings together Classic 7 Poker along with Texas Hold’em in one app with bold graphics, big choices and a chance for big money. Developed by Morisoft, the App has everything any poker lover would want and more. “Even before the release of Bullet Poker, poker lovers that saw the graphics and layout in our prerelease Official Trailer were blown away by the rich manga style and great casino atmosphere of the game,” said Moon K. Chae, CEO of Bullet Poker Marketing Firm Mobicrew.

With the Classic 7 Poker, players can choose from a normal and choice mode. Choice mode allows the player bonus cards. Players can swipe a finger down to peak a hidden card with the handy swipe control. The Texas Hold’em App brings a totally new concept of a six-seat Texas Hold'em table to graphic life. This is psychological gamesmanship at its best as players are pitted against cunning and sophisticated AI opponents. Players can choose from 24 distinctive avatars.

No casino app has the look and feel of Bullet Poker: 7 Poker & Hold’em. Players are raving about the fantastic Las Vegas-style casino graphics and awesome neon signs. Beautiful dealers make the visuals even more alluring while players can bet as much as they like with the unique wheel-like betting bar. Players can spin Roulette every day for a free gift. “There is no other app like it available, and casino gamers that love to play poker have been flocking to the Facebook page to see the screen shots even before the game was released,” said Chae. “Now that it is finally available at the App Store and Google Play, the early response has been phenomenal.” For more information, please visit http://www.facebook.com/mobicrew

About Mobicrew
Mobicrew is an app consulting and marketing agency with the previous Com2uS. Inc. members from Korea. The firm helps developers via consulting, monetizing, advertising and promotion. Bullet Poker: 7 Poker & Hold'em is developed by Korean game developer Morisoft with Mobicrew handling global marketing for the new game.