Bulls on Wall Street Announces New Trading Bootcamp

Company offers online stock market classes and trading courses


Plainsboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- BullsOnWallStreet has brought a phenomenal stock market class online for the benefit of beginners and expert traders alike.

The company is riding on the back of the hugely successful 4-Day Trading Bootcamp, but this is just the beginning for this highly-respected company, because there’s a comprehensive 16-Day Trading Bootcamp to look forward to. Stock market classes simply don’t get better than this.

Kunal Desai is the CEO and head trader at BullsOnWallStreet. As a self-made multimillionaire with over 10 years of trading experience and a 74% win rate, he has proven himself successful in any market condition. Kunal’s goal has always been to help beginners understand the trading business, experts learn more about the nuances of trading, and to teach all of his students to become more profitable traders through stock market training courses. This Bootcamp continues that tradition and will be beneficial for beginners and experts alike. Students can enhance their win/loss ratio, ensuring they trade successfully and maximize profit, which is the aim for many.

This trading course has many features that will give the cutting-edge advantage to traders. They will be able to work and build on their own trading style, they will also learn to make entries and exits in the market at the right time, utilize charts, understand technical analysis, understand risk management, analyze time frames for themselves correctly, and much more.

The course consists of:

- 28 days of class with multimillionaire trader Kunal Desai.
- A 50 page comprehensive digital trading course book written by BullsOnWallStreet.
- 4 LIVE class sessions that covers key stock trading techniques.
- 30 days on a LIVE Trading Simulator that will replicate a real market environment to test the skills learned in class and gauge profitability in the market.
- All materials and class recordings saved for you to access at any time

Every market goes through its own cycle and students will be able to understand these cycles and use them to their benefit. Scaling out of profitable positions and looking for profitable stocks are some of the other things budding traders can learn through this Trading Bootcamp.

For more information about the 16-Day Trading Bootcamp and Trading Courses the company offers one can visit the website http://bullsonwallstreet.com/ or write to ajit@bullson.ws