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Bully Assemblies NY Now Offering Anti-Bullying Shows for Schools Nationwide

Bully Assemblies NY are a New York City based theatre troupe that are now taking their shows across America to fight the bullying epidemic within the education system.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Bullying is a serious problem in American schools and accounts for a large amount of the discord, dissatisfaction and depression suffered by a growing number of school children. This adversely affects their grades and performance and by extension their futures. Bullies also learn a culture and behavior that will damage their ability to relate to others in later life. In order to prevent this from damaging the chances of a generation, Bully Assemblies NY have formed to deliver bully prevention assemblies in schools, and have now opened this offer to K-12 schools nationwide.

The anti-bully school shows have proven effective in New York schools already and has given the troupe the mandate to extend their offer to schools around the country. The show uses a combination of storytelling, scripted exchanges, monologues and spoken word accounts to create a vivid picture of the dangers of bullying not just for the victims but for the bullies as well, cautioning against anti-social behavior while at the same time encouraging pro-social interactions.

The program is tailored depending on whether it is aimed at K-5 or K-6-12, allowing for the message to reach people at different levels of maturity in relatable terms. The show uses a cast of three taking on multiple roles.

A spokesperson for Bully Assemblies NY explained, “We are opening up bookings for our show across the country because we understand that bullying in schools is a nationwide problem and not something confined to schools in New York. We are available for bookings from K-12 schools and will be looking to start the tour as soon as possible when we can create a schedule that will allow us to visit the maximum number of schools.”

About Bully Assemblies NY
Bully Assemblies NY are a New York City based theatre troupe dedicated to providing anti-bully awareness and bully-prevention assembly performances for K-12 schools. Bullying is a growing epidemic among youth today and it can negatively affect everyone involved. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. In assembly shows, Bully Assembly NYC provides a close look into different scenarios of school-based bullying through a combination of scripted situations, storytelling, monologues and spoken word. For more information, please visit: