Bumclap Launch to Offer Cheapest Beats to Emerging Artists and Support Them on Their Journey

Bumclap offers original beats and instrumentals at affordable rates for emerging artists and offers detailed customer support to help artists create great tracks.


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- Hip hop and rap artists can often have an incredible talent with words but little understanding of the music that underpins those words. For this, many superstars rely on producers, the people in the background who turn great lyrics into monster hit songs. This support is out of reach for the vast majority of emerging artists, and so there is a demand for beats and instrumentals for vocalists to use as backing tracks that will create a catchy song. Bumclap is a new website dedicated to providing this service affordably.

The website provides a plethora of different beats for sale, all at different tempos and structures, for aggressive, heartfelt or contemplative mixes, allowing incredible versatility for artists. These beats are available to download instantly and can be used freely by the artist thereafter for any purpose.

The homepage makes use of an embedded player that showcases some of the latest and most popular beats on the site so individuals can begin browsing immediately, and all tracks are listed with clear pricing as well as a genre guide to make the selection process even easier.

A spokesperson for Bumclap explained, “We have created a huge catalogue of beats and instrumentals for sale that individuals can browse, select, download and combine to quickly and easily create original musical underscores for their lyrics, allowing them to create fully realized demo tapes to send to agents and industry figures in order to be recognized, or to publish online in order to bring in support from the grass roots. We support artists who buy from us every step of the way, with guidance and support as a track is developing, so our users are buying mentoring as well as beats.”

About Bumclap
Bumclap believe that there are lots of people who are blessed with a wonderful talent when it comes to music. They allow artists with a low budget to record and promote themselves in the right way, offering the cheapest prices ever that everyone can take advantage of. Bumclap.com aim for quality of individual products, building and following each project in its entirety, leaving the freedom to choose between different kind of instrumental beats, giving support when guidance is needed. For more information, please visit: http://www.bumclap.com/