Bumper Apple Crop Sees Increased Demand for Cone Bottom Tanks for Cider Making


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- With an even better apple harvest predicted for 2014 and the increased popularity in independent drinks brands, more and more growers and farmers are set to turn their attention to producing their own cider this year. With a reputation for providing farmers with quality plastic water tanks, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx is on hand to help farmers and growers by supplying dedicated conical and cone bottom tanks suited to cider production.

Although 2013 was a very good year for apples, 2014 is set to be one of the best in living memory, thanks to a combination of ample rain and sunshine at the beginning of the year that helped fruits to grow steadily throughout the year. With the addition of continual sunshine, this year’s apples will be sweeter than last year, thanks to the sun helping fruits produce more carbohydrate, which is in turn converted to sugars.

Sweet and tasty apples will of course make delicious cider and due to the popularity of independent drinks brands, more and more growers and farmers will be starting or expanding existing cider production operations. Enduramaxx established its name across the farming sector through the provision of horizontal and vertical storage tanks, producing rainwater tanks and conical tanks (cone bottom tanks) ideally suited for the production of, and storage of cider. The cone bottom tanks are rotationally-moulded from a single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene meaning that liquids, including cider, are stored in optimum conditions. However, it is the cone bottom that allows sediments from brewing and fermenting to drain to the bottom, where they can effortlessly be drained off when required.

About Enduramaxx
Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are also suitable for storing molasses, for making bio-diesel and for storing most liquids and chemicals safely where sediments and impurities may require separating and draining. The company also provides farmers and growers with an extensive range of tanks for all requirements, from plastic water tanks, to rainwater tanks, vertical storage tanks to horizontal tanks.

Those wishing to learn more about storing liquids and selecting the correct cone bottom tanks for cider production and brewing should visit www.enduramaxx.co.uk


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