Bumper Bucks Offers to Make Money with Advertising on Cars


Avon, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Advertising on cars is not a new idea. It has been around since the beginning of the automobile.  Bumper Bucks revives an old idea with new technology. Nascar is inundated with car advertising. Every square inch of the driver and car is covered. Some business owners have an advertisement for their own company on their car, why not have other cars with their advertisement as well. What if some of that advertising money was directed back? Just for putting advertising on a car... offers any business the power to purchase vehicle ads for distribution across local, regional or national areas.

The concept is simple. Currently, Bumper Bucks pays for choosing, peeling and placing a bumper sticker on a car, truck, or SUV. Any commuter vehicle is eligible. Bumper Bucks believes they have a better method of car advertising.

What: Bumper Bucks pays any car owner for placing stickers on their commuter vehicle bumper

Where: Vail & Summit, Colorado High Rockies, and Denver, Colorado

When: When customers complete the free sign up, choose stickers and receive stickers within 3-4 days

About Bumper Bucks
Bumper Bucks was created by local Vail entrepreneurs, Erik VanWagenen and Ryan Iguchi. They created Bumper Bucks because they wanted a more organic form of advertisement where everyone involved benefits.

Local business owners have the most to benefit from this unique idea. Bumper Bucks is a fresh advertising channel for real world brand presence and marketing. Comparative to other forms of advertising, Bumper Bucks CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) easily surpasses any other forms of advertising for each dollar spent. Bumper Bucks is an incredibly effective way to advertise, effortlessly generating hundreds of views each day.

Bumper Bucks stickers are equipped with special QR codes (a smartphone scannable code) which can immediately direct people to a business website, Facebook, or special promotions. Car advertising is as simple, cheap, and effective as advertising comes.  Plus, when an ad goes on a car, a funny thing happens. It turns a old customer into a grassroots advertiser, or it turns the local car owner into a new customer. Harness the true power of real world network advertising, with 50 local cars driving business advertising. 50 cars starting at $200/month.

Bumper Bucks has a design team and in-house project managers to guide through the bumper sticker design process. They make it simple to get started, and then take care of the rest.

Bumper Bucks makes it easy to support causes through Groups. 100% of the money earned can be gathered for any Group. From little Jimi’s Ski Club, to Susie’s dance class, to Dad’s Golf Club, to the PTA, to The Red Cross Relief Fund. Giving to any cause is easy with Bumper Bucks, simply put bumper sticker advertising on a car and drive dollars to a good cause.

For more info: Visit to view stickers and register for free as a car owner.

Media Contact:
Erik Vanwagenen (970) 306-5662
Ryan Iguchi (855) 44-BUCKS
PO Box 4734
Avon, CO