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Bureaucracy Often Obscures Poor Transportation Designs and the Negligent Party in Catastrophic Injury Cases Says Booth & Koskoff


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2011 -- According to the senior partners at Booth & Koskoff, there are untold numbers of people who sustain catastrophic injury who never learn the negligent party is the roadway or vehicle’s designer or manufacturer. The personal injury lawsuit specialists have a long track record in dealing with catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawyer specialization. The firm has seen firsthand how bureaucratic red tape and lack of personal knowledge could have led many clients to suffer the physical and financial trials without help from the true guilty party.

While auto accidents seem to involve mostly cars and pedestrians, an untold number of those incidents are not as simple as driver negligence —particularly when serious injuries or deaths are involved. It should never be taken for granted that a roadway or vehicle design is not the true culprit. In fact, as recalls seem to increase, one must wonder how many accidents were due to negligent design or manufacture rather than operator error.

If a governmental entity designs or maintains a roadway in a dangerous condition that makes accidents more likely to occur, it is they who must be held liable. The catastrophic injury lawyer specialists of Booth & Koskoff have expertise in cases of this type and see how the true cause can easily be obscured. “These are extremely difficult cases that require painstaking preparation to uncover a roadway’s design and maintenance history,” said Roger Booth. “Unfortunately that is the necessary process to determine how the roadway condition has contributed to the plaintiff’s accident.”

Auto defect cases are on the rise and the firm has a long track record in dealing with these types of cases. Malfunctioning airbags and seat belts that cause injury during an otherwise routine accident often get obscured or overlooked as a consequence of the incident. In other cases such as SUV rollovers and tires that fall apart during normal driving conditions, the cause has proven to be design/manufacturing error. “These cases not only help plaintiffs and their families get the necessary financial and medical help they need to get on with their lives, they also force manufacturers to make needed safety improvements that will save untold countless lives” said catastrophic injury lawyer Richard Koskoff. For more information on Booth and Koskoff, please visit http://www.boothkoskoff.com/

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