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Burglary Victims Being Targeted Multiple Times: SMP Security Solutions Comments


Telford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2017 -- There is absolutely no doubting that having your house broken into and having your valuables taken is an incredibly traumatic and devastating experience; however, did you know that a mammoth one in four burglary victims are robbed again for a second time? In fact, recently leaked data from Churchill Home Insurance shows that houses that have been burgled once have a 28% chance of being targeted a second time and a further 8% chance of being targeted a third or fourth time.

There are multiple reasons why homes that have previously been robbed are likely to be broken into again including: burglars not being caught, leaving homes vulnerable, houses being located in busy areas where people come and go often, and houses being located in leafy suburbs where burglars know that they won't be seen by others. Another key reason however, which definitely assists in burglars going back to the same location, is because one in ten people admittedly do not improve their home security after being robbed.

A spokesperson from one of the UK's leading providers of security solutions, SMP Security Solutions, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "It is vital that everyone living in the UK, not only those that have been burgled, address their home security – ensuring that it is efficient and effective as possible. People should not only make sure that they have the highest quality doors, windows and locks in place, but also consider additional security measures such as security safes. Here at SMP Security Solutions we have a vast range of security solutions available for people to take advantage of, and urge anyone unsure which options are best for their individual needs to simply give us call."

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