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Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans That Free the Body of Dangerous Toxins to Easily and Rapidly Burn Belly Fat

Diet Doc’s diet plans are enhanced with exclusive prescription hormone treatments to target and burn belly fat by freeing the body of dangerous toxic chemicals, processed foods, sugar and carbs safely, quickly and easily


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Diet Doc understands that most of their clients in Florida, and throughout the rest of the country, may not have a health or medical background, which can make developing healthy, weight loss recipes that will successfully burn belly fat difficult. With this in mind, Diet Doc created their prescription hormone diet programs, enhanced with fat burning hormone diet treatments that work with weight loss recipes to increase the speed that patients see embarrassing belly fat melt from their body. These proven, effective belly fat diets have already helped thousands of patients lose weight quickly and easily while also leaving them with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain their weight for the future.

During an initial online doctor consultation, and after a thorough review of the patient’s entire system and medical background, qualified patients will receive Diet Doc’s prescription hormone diet treatments and exclusive belly fat burning supplements. All treatments and supplements can be ordered over the phone or internet and will be shipped directly to the patient’s home. And, because hormone diet treatments work best when used in conjunction with a healthy, low fat meal plan, each patient will also receive a copy of the Diet Doc cookbook, which contains over fifty pages of low calorie weight loss recipes that make meal planning simple and easy.

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss program combines the smart nutritional food concepts behind such diets as the Paleo diet, gluten free diets, protein diets, low carbohydrate diets, the Atkins diet, and no carbohydrate diets into a new and modern approach combined with prescription hormone treatments to generate safe and fast weight loss. By getting back to basics, freeing the liver of toxic chemicals, processed food, sugar and carbs, and adding prescription hormone treatments and supplements, the body will easily release weight and burn embarrassing belly fat rapidly.

Because the Diet Doc team recognizes that some patients will require more assistance with their weight loss recipes, certified nutritionists will also work with patients to create a personalized diet plan that increases the effectiveness of their belly fat diet. Meal and snack plans will be tailored to be compatible with each patient’s age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences that will encourage the body to burn belly fat that has nestled itself comfortably around the internal organs, using this excess fat for fuel, while also leaving them feeling full and satisfied.

Diet Doc’s modern and unique approach to helping patients burn belly fat, their exclusive recipes and their proven results have helped to make Diet Doc the country’s leader in medically supervised diet plans. In fact, in a recent in-house patient survey, an overwhelming majority of over 25,000 actual Diet Doc patients reported quickly and easily shedding excess and embarrassing belly fat without experiencing any of the negative side effects or harmful consequences often seen with other diet programs.

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