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Burn Fat Fast Secrets Now Available at DailyHealthPost.com Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Fat burning secrets of the Hollywood stars are at the heart of the new informational page recently added to the DailyHealthPost.com by the website’s research staff. DailyHealthPost.com delivers accurate, trusted up-to-date health information for consumers via its five channels of news and information focusing on Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Aging and Weight Loss.

Millions of Americans have long admired and envied the ability of Hollywood stars to burn fat fast. Now, those secrets are being revealed in the new web page addition to the popular health website DailyHealthPost.com (DHP). Developed by seven-time Natural (steroid-free) Bodybuilding Champion Tom Venuto, the new page brings what has been called "The Most Powerful Fat-Burning System Ever Created” to the masses that have been seeking reliable information on burning fat.

The researchers of DHP saw that making Venuto’s information available via the DHP website would be highly beneficial to their readers. “Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have relied on personal bodybuilding trainers to provide these fat burning secrets to help them achieve and maintain amazing results in a short time,” said a DailyHealthPost.com researcher. “Now, with the addition of Tom’s informational page to our website, those secrets can now be obtained by our health conscious audience.”

Venuto has been working with regular people of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years as a trainer, gym manager and fat loss coach. In addition to his bodybuilding championship record, he has authored more than 500 articles on fitness and nutrition and been featured on dozens of radio shows, across the Internet and in many fitness magazines. According to Venuto, bodybuilding is about dropping to low levels of body fat as much as it is about growing in size. “This is a lifelong fat loss system that can help anyone achieve permanent fat loss while protecting their lean muscle tissue,” said Venuto. “Consequently, it is ideal for anyone who wants to lose fat regardless of their fitness goals.”

The highly effective fat-torching system has been proven to have the ability to transform the body in just 49 days. The 300 pages of fat burning tips, tricks and methods in the available eBook are the most complete and detailed guides to fat loss in the world. Readers of the new page will learn that at the heart of the fat loss secrets is a little-known body science discovered almost eighty years ago that is combined with certain foods to skyrocket the body’s metabolism. Visitors to the DHP website will learn all about the program and how to obtain the downloadable MAC and PC-compatible eBook at http://dailyhealthpost.com/fat-burning-secrets-of-hollywood-stars/

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