Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: The Most Effective Weight Loss Program Releases


Eliot, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- Tom Venuto is the creator of the program “Burn the Fat”. He has created a lot of interest in his program thanks to his personal efforts over the years. According to Tom Venuto, over 41,000 people have benefitted from his program. Fortunately, Tom is bringing “Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle” to show everyone the secrets of losing weight and getting into great shape.

The reaction to his program, which has helps thousands of people lose weight effectively has been enormous. Because of Tom’s program, he has been hailed by OPRAH MAGAZINE as creating a powerful fat burning system according to their review.

The complete “Burn the Fat” system shows how effective this program can be, especially for those who have tried and fail with diets before. This program provides effective diet techniques, exercise routines, and great motivation, which will help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. You get a day-by-day manuals, comprehensive guidelines for effective weight loss. Plus, the system will guide you towards long term weight management.

The system supplies you with the tools needed to burn the fat and lose the excess weight in healthy manner that builds a foundation of good health for years to come. The manuals also guide you with simple techniques the Hollywood stars use to keep in top shape. This program gives you the secrets and tips that models and movie stars have used for many years. In this program, you will get the information on the best exercise tips.

Plus, it shows you how to start with effective techniques so you can start immediately. Polly Brewster of Oprah Magazine stated, “Offering the opposite of a quick fix. Venuto is honest about the effort it takes to lose a significant amount of weight.” You will learn with “Burn the Fat” that eating the right foods and doing the proper exercises will burn away the excess weight and provide you with great muscle enhancement. Get the body you deserve with “Burn the Fat” which provides detailed, step by step instruction that provides the answers that so many other diets do not.

Effective weight loss can be done in just 49 days using the “Burn the Fat” program. You will get the complete program that include the manual to start losing weight and getting into better shape today. Plus, you get five exclusive bonuses that reveal the foods that burn the fat, foods that turn into fat, the type of foods that you should be eating, how to measure your true body fat and free membership to the Burn the Fat Inner Circle, an exclusive private members-only site to keep you on track by providing valuable information.

If you want to start losing weight today from “Burn the Fat”, you can visit the website: and get the information you need to start your long term weight loss program. Do away with fad diets that don’t last and exercise programs that wear you out instead of build you up. Interested folks may order the “Burn the Fat” program today!

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