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Burning Man Draws Increasing Heat from Nevada Authorities but Help Is Available

Burning Man attendees suffer increased legal trouble from Nevada but Steve Evenson is there to help.


Lovelock, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Burning Man is an absolutely unique event that draws a unique and eclectic patronage from around the world. In recent years the festival has grown to what some people consider capacity and drawn a wide range of media coverage. This extended coverage and the ever increasing popularity of the unique spirit of Burning Man has been a mixed blessing in some ways.

While it has both lead to an increase in the unique and outstanding people, structures and vehicles on the playa it has also lead to an increase in the police presence both en route to and from the festival as well as actually at the festival in recent years. Nevada law can be different than the law in other states let alone other countries. Nevada police can be excessive in cracking down when they believe there may be trouble, even when there isn’t much trouble to be had.

This can lead to clashes between innocent Burners and local police departments throughout Nevada as travelers make their way to and from the festival. For many travelers this can be a major problem, particularly travelers who haven’t prepared ahead of time for Nevada law. From driving a 40 foot octopus on the highway or not knowing all the state statutes on out of state alcohol many of these situations require a light touch and understanding from the right lawyer.

Burners all over the world know that that lawyer is Steve Evenson is the name to call. Available 24/7 during the entire festival Steve dedicates himself to making sure his Burner clients have cases dismissed or barring that get the charges dramatically reduced. Steve works with clients from all over the world for when they return to Nevada for court and fully understands Nevada law in relevant to Burning Man.

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