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Steve Evenson Protects Burning Man's Rights Every Year

Steve Evenson works tirelessly to defend the civil rights of Burning Man attendees.


Lovelock, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Every year tens of thousands of the most vibrant, unique and imaginative people in the world meet on the playa at Black Rock point. The Burning Man festival is one of the most staggering displays of personal freedom and civil rights that America hosts every year. People travel the world over to experience and take part in this unique expression of art, music and temporary autonomous community unlike anything else in the world. The festival has grown to nearly the full capacity expected of it forming a city with a full post office and one of a kind community. When the members of this community have their rights jeopardized by Nevada law enforcement they have a wide range of lawyers. But only Steve Evenson has the experience knowhow and love for the festival and attendees to work tirelessly on every Burning Man case he takes on in a year.

The Evenson Law Office, with Steve Evenson at the helm has dedicated itself to protecting the rights and reputations of every client. This means extending his services 24/7 to Burners who may have run into trouble with Nevada law enforcement. The majority of Burning Man clients that Steve provides counsel for have all charges dismissed in Nevada court. The few exceptions face greatly reduced charges and sentences, all courtesy of Steve’s deep understanding of Nevada law and dedication to assisting Burning Man’s unique and unequivocal displays of freedom and the right to art and community.

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