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Burton Software Food Safety Expert Shikha Singh Talks About Small Food Processors in India and Worldwide

Burton Software Food Safety Expert Shikha Singh Talks About Small Food Processors in India and Worldwide


Richmond, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- India’s legal body, The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has kept a vigilant eye on business owners to ensure food safety. FSSAI allows business owners to avail third party certification for any globally accepted food safety standard/guideline including HACCP. Industrial journalist, TR Cutler reported recently in Automation & Controls Today.

Based in India, Shikha Singh works to improve food safety in India by automating food safety processes. She is spearheading the roll out of Burton Software Inc.'s product; Icicle, an affordable cloud-based solution designed to improve the safety of the world's food supply, and is responsible for overall operations throughout the country. She is an expert in food industry standards including ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC and proficient in food testing.

The increasing trend of automation and computer based operations and systems in India will obviously pave way for an IT based solution for food safety; because of the cloud-based pay-as-you-go method, even the smallest food companies can avail themselves of solutions such as Icicle.

Singh noted that, “India has hugely trended as an export hub for major countries of the world because of many factors. To keep up with the food safety standards across the globe, Indian players in the food industry are diligently focusing on attaining and maintaining food safety certification, which includes HACCP.”

The safety standards for food in India are very similar to those in North America and this is driven by the customers. Exporting to US, UK and Middle East nations requires significant attention to stringent rules and regulations; an HACCP - based food safety system has become mandatory.

To read the entire article, go to: http://tinyurl.com/n89mch9.

About Burton Software and Cloud-based Icicle HACCP Solution
Steven Burton is the founder of Burton Software Inc., (http://www.BurtonSoftware.com) which offers the first affordable cloud-based solution to improve the safety of the world's food supply. Icicle, the flagship technology enables companies involved in the production, processing, and distribution of food products to develop and verify food safety plans. Icicle is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) solution that improves the quality and safety of products by developing tools that manage food safety plans, document procedures, and carry out inspections.

Icicle provides the technology necessary to collect the required data and then automatically generates food safety plans. Changes to individual ingredients, materials, processes or packaging are automatically propagated throughout the system, insuring that plans are kept current across product lines and plants. Users are guided users through the HACCP analysis process where hazards are identified and addressed. Authorized users can generate HACCP plans for any facility, including multiple plans per facility and customized plans for specific product groups or customers.

Burton noted, “Food companies now have the ability to fully synchronize operations across facilities and across the globe. The emergence of a new hazard or a change to any aspect of an existing hazard is immediately understood. Automatic alerts initiate recalls and modifications to existing formulas. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are available to employees regardless of physical location. Documentation validates food safety procedures can be printed on-demand to satisfy the requirements of auditors regardless of which specific certification authority certifies the company's products.”

Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, food technologists around the world are working closely with Burton Software building a global network of food safety stakeholders who have access to the latest technology to manage food safety issues and procedures. Follow Burton Software on Twitter@icicleBsafe.

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