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Business Coach and Speaker Robert Biro Announce New Sales and Marketing Course


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Intro: Business coach, speaker, Robert Biro of Mind Masters Mentoring has announced a new sales and marketing program called “Innovation through Automation” a course designed for traditional business owners and entrepreneurs to help automate and build a brand presence for their business online to find new sales success from the internet.

Source: The IT professional turned accomplished Business coach Robert Biro will be launching a new coaching program titled ”Innovation through Automation” for traditional business owners looking for real advice from on how to correctly position their business to take full advantage of the internet’s 24/7 presence and automation technologies to take their business to the next level.

Essentials: The speed of change and development in technology online has left alot of the traditional small business owner behind. More often than not the skills and time needed to find, learn, implement, develop, and maintain a solid presence on the internet are just too overwhelming to business owners who started a business back when internet was something colleges used to share information. Sadly with the social media booming and the growing population turning to online shopping to find their products. Robert Biro says, "the small traditional business owner is looking more like a second class citizen to the young generation when their business has little to no online presence."

Robert Biro’s six month online coaching program titled “Innovation through Automation” has been specifically designed to eliminate the difficulty and confusion of sifting through the countless options online for a place to advertise their business. His program guides a business owner through the development and implementation of maintaining persistent meaningful and profitable presence online to generate new sales and find new clients in a simple step by step easy to follow system. The program provides education as well as actions to take for the entrepreneur to take full advantage of new automation techniques which allow someone with just a few minutes a day to create all the new blog posts, articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos they will need to overtake any competition.

Quote: Robert Biro said, “This program will finally solve the non-technical or overworked business owner’s problem of being the best kept secret and get the word out to the rest of the world so they can finally get recognized and enjoy the success they deserve.”

Anything else: The program launches the beginning of June 2013. People can sign up to get early notifications of launch at

Robert Biro
Mind Masters Mentoring
P.O. Box 29116
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About Robert Biro
Emerging from the IT industry, Robert’s expertise allows him to guide any business through the development of strategically placed automated systems, which leverages the power of today’s technology for exponential growth in traditional businesses. A student of today’s authorities in business growth like JT Foxx Organization and Jay Abraham, he has grown from a certified IT technician to an entrepreneur who now is using his skills to start his latest venture of business coaching focused on helping business owners who haven’t taken advantage of the internet marketplace or are still struggling to do so.