Business Etiquette Book Includes Tips for Graduates and New Workers

A new business etiquette book is perfect for new graduates and those who are recently promoted or new to the workforce. The book includes tips on interviewing, traveling, dining out and more.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Whether you are about to graduate or have been in the workplace for a couple of years, Laura Mathewson’s new book Bottom Line: Manners Matter has a bevy of advice and tips on business etiquette to help guide you through the modern workplace. Mathewson recently published the easy-to-read guide filled with reliable tips for navigating the business workplace.

The book covers topics from proper use of eating utensils to behaving well at business meetings, conferences and parties, including when and how to use mobile technology in the workplace. Written in a breezy, conversational style, the book appeals to young people just graduating as well as newly-promoted employees who may need to brush up on the etiquette of modern technology.

“The book reinforces the manners learned at home,” says Mathewson, “and updates them with guidance on everything from writing Email to tattoos. I wanted to write a book that was useful not only for young people just entering the workforce, but for newly-promoted and experienced professionals who may not be up to speed on dealing with new issues.”

Mathewson is a frequent speaker, addressing issues such as searching for a job, business etiquette in the digital age, and on-the-job manners.

The book is available online through and as an E-book with Amazon and Nook.

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