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Business Excellence Reports About Veteran Skills and Scientific Management Techniques

Business Excellence Magazine Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Writes About Veteran Skills and Scientific Management Techniques


Londonderry, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, recently reported for Business Excellence Magazine, that there is a strong need for training solutions to get veterans ready for civilian jobs. In the article entitled, “Hiring Heroes,” Cutler reports, “The average US veteran will take two plus years to find sustainable employment after leaving the US military. Many of these men and women face barriers to employment, including service-connected disabilities. Obtaining the qualifications and training necessary to compete in high-demand industrial positions will increase the self-sufficiency and quality of life of veterans while filling a national employment gap.”

SMT, a global leader in “hands-on” industrial skills assessment solutions uses Industrial Skills Assessment Programs and Training Programs to improve workforce skills and drive productivity. Too often pencil and paper testing fails to provide an accurate assessment of the talents and skills employers require. Some potential candidates may test well on paper, yet perform poorly on the job. The only surefire solution is the kind of “hands-on” testing to ensure skillsets are truly acquired. Often in conjunction with community colleges, this rapid training modality delivers skilled graduates into industry. “The demand-driven education program has been built with extensive feedback from industrial operations professionals regarding the specific skill sets they require to achieve their performance objectives,” suggested Berry.

Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) ( is the global leader in performance-based skill assessments for industry. The assessment capabilities, together with demand-driven skills training program, are used in manufacturing and education organizations in thirty-one countries to solve the skills shortage and drive industrial productivity.

Industrial Skills Assessments Get Veterans Ready to Work

A validated, scientific-based, data-driven process that accurately predicts candidate success also aligns with the hiring process using lean initiatives. Performance based “assessment machines” that identify and measure skills, competencies, and trainability prove far better than traditional written assessment tests.

As the skills shortage grows more acute each year and margin pressures mount it’s more critical than ever before to make the right hiring decision. Berry insisted, “Industrial skill assessment machines and assessment protocols are used in the veteran hiring process for the selection and evaluation of maintenance mechanics, machine operators, industrial electricians, PLC technicians, electro-mechanical personnel, and CNC operation personnel. Identifying skills prior to hire is the single most effective way to insure a quality hire and drive performance in manufacturing.”

Rapid gainful employment can be accomplished quickly. Veterans have already demonstrated remarkable discipline and skills; learning to transfer those abilities to fill the employment gap is the next step. It answers the needs of both the manufacturers and the veterans; it defines a win/win. Training is a worthwhile investment for everyone involved.

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Stephen Berry, President