Business Identity Theft Protection and How the Better Business Bureau Can Help

Many people believe that identity theft only happens to individuals. Unfortunately, they’re wrong in that belief. Small businesses are rapidly becoming targets of this crime, damaging the company’s reputation and putting its customers at risk.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- would like to offer some insight to business identity theft protection and how the Better Business Bureau can help, such as:

- Devise a “Suspicious Behavior” Policy
- Enforce the Policy
- External Defenses
- Store Data Carefully

“Suspicious Behavior” Policy

Develop a “suspicious behavior” policy. Such behavior can be defined as a customer reporting unauthorized activity on his charge account with the business or a new customer presenting altered documentation (driver’s license, inconsistent addresses on different pieces of ID, etc) to set up an account. The Better Business Bureau says identity theft can be deterred by posting the policy in an easily visible place.

Implement the Policy

For effective business identity theft protection, train the employees to know how to identify ‘suspicious behavior” when they see it. Teach them what to look for on a new account, an established account, and when someone orders products. Report the behavior to the appropriate authorities such as police or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Be sure to alert a customer if there is irregular activity on his account, and request more identification from suspect persons to prove they are who they say they are.

Prepare Outside Defenses

The Better Business Bureau indicates that identity theft can be prevented by keeping an open space of several yards around the exterior of the building to make it harder for an identity thief to dash up and break a window for access to the products inside. Also, placing cameras in hidden outside spots can halt business ID theft. Silent alarms as well as loud, clanging ones can scare a potential thief off quickly, leaving him empty-handed. Bright night-lights should be placed on high poles so they illuminate the entire outside of the business, also.

Store Customers’ and Business Data Safely

Part of effective business identity theft protection is being very particular about how data is stored. A business whose security is breached can end up defunct due to the actions of identity thieves, so make sure to put any physical documentation of information in a deep floor safe with a combination lock. Be sure to change default settings and passwords that were used at the time the computer system was installed. Use encryption software to safeguard customers’ information so it’s tough for an identity thief to access it.

Looking After a Business Identity Theft Request with Legal-yogi to protect

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