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Business Innovators Magazine Publishes Lehr's Key Strategic Errors in Delivering Change

Change management expert Mike Lehr, owner of Omega Z Advisors, LLC had a talk with online visibility strategist Greg Cook about the common strategic errors and weaknesses most businesses make when dealing with change.


Akron, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Most business people know that change is unavoidable and transposing from one phase to another is imperative for a business's existence and subsequent success. However, for most businesses this is easier said than done. Leading change management expert, Mike Lehr who is also the owner of Omega Z Advisors, LLC recently did an interview with Greg Cook during which he talked about the key strategic errors most companies make prior to, during and after change.

As the head of a company that deals primarily in helping other businesses manage change through assisting in navigating their internal business cultures and politics to achieve the change they want, Lehr as a implementing change expert understands what strategic loopholes may cause change initiatives and reorganizations to fail. In his talk with Cook, Lehr elaborated that the biggest reason of any change effort to fail is not having a change strategy in place. Change can be brought on by both internal and external factors, and to successfully overcome either type of change, organizations need to have a different strategy ready for each type to avoid being caught off guard because change is both risky and costly. Lehr and his team of change management experts and consultants have help hundreds of organizations both big and small implement strategic plans, process improvements, deal with mergers, acquisitions and consolidations and harness high-growth strategies.

In his interview with Greg Cook, Lehr a resistance to change consultant addresses the way most organizations look at change, he said: "Most look at change as a process not an effort that needs a strategy. They look at it as about taking the right steps. It is about creating the right path for those steps." To elaborate further, Lehr believes that laying the right ground works is as important as the remaining steps for a smooth transitioning, he explained it with a simple farming analogy, he added: "They (managers) are like farmers who go out to the field. They plant their seeds. They fertilize and water them. What they do not do is prep the soil. We cannot expect good outcomes if we do not do this. We have to plow the soil and loosen it up. We cannot just throw seeds out and expect them to take hold. In this picture, employees are the soil."

After having a strong strategy in place, communicating with the employees is an important part of implementing the strategy to ensure that the entire organization is ready and eager for the change to happen.

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About Mike Lehr
Mike Lehr is the President and Founder of Omega Z Advisors, LLC. Since 2003 he has been working as a change management specialist prepping and moving people through change. He accomplished this either as a contractor or as an organizer and leader of project teams. Mike has been speaking publicly for over 40 years. He has trained and coached for over 25 years.

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