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Business Intelligence Deters Fraud, Provides Operational Roadmap in Unfamiliar Markets -

Business intelligence strategies serve as a highly effective fraud deterrent as well as provide operational roadmaps in unfamiliar markets.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The role of business intelligence in deterring fraud and creating operational roadmaps in opaque and unfamiliar environments has been highlighted in the latest announcement by business research firm Business intelligence methods allow businesses to operate in unfamiliar environments with opaque governments without significant exposure to, or fear of, corporate fraud.

Additionally, by clearly identifying legitimate and proper business procedures, government authorities and the law of the land regarding business operations, business intelligence activities create an effective operational roadmap for businesses.

Proper due diligence measures are included as part of a comprehensive business intelligence strategy. Conducting investigations and due diligence on existing governments, protocols, business partners, employees and competing companies can make businesses make the correct strategic decisions when operating overseas. Additionally, results obtained from fraud investigations and other business intelligence inquiries can provide effective litigation support should the need arise.

"In opaque business environments, fraud and identity theft are a regular occurrence. With business intelligence strategies in place, businesses are able to clearly identify partners, authorities, institutions and methods – removing the possibility of being defrauded by local opportunists," says a report collaborator.

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