Business Intelligence Resource Group Starts Virtual Executive Service

Executives On-Demand; Able to Match Experienced Executives to Demanding Tasks Instantly


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Business Intelligence Resource Group (BIRG) announced today the start of its new “Virtual Executive” service offering. Virtual executives from BIRG are experienced individuals who can work on demand in a virtual, remote basis for clients in a number of professional categories, including accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, forms preparation, IT, sales, and training. BIRG is able to match virtual executives instantly based on client requirements.

“Sometimes you need important work done by a qualified person, but you don’t have the time to go through the cycle of recruitment, hiring, and so forth,” said Grace Szambelan. “This is the problem we solve. We help you build your business by giving you access to the right people when you need them.”

According to BIRG, businesses today suffer from a mismatch between the pace of business change the pace of identifying, hiring, and training higher level executives. It can take years if not decades to train an employee and promote them through the ranks to the level of executive or even a managerial position. A growth opportunity might come and go in the time it takes to find someone qualified to take it on. The virtual executive can step in immediately and ensure that the client is able to take advantage of business needs as they arise.

BIRG matches executives with clients through a detailed list of questions and possible interviews with one of BIRG’s experienced, educated and well trained virtual executives. In contrast to a conventional recruitment process, where the hiring company must weigh the pros and cons of making a long term, costly investment in an executive who may take time to “on-board” but still eventually prove inadequate, with BIRG, the client can quickly engage with a remote executive who can demonstrate aptitude for the work and get things done cost-effectively. BIRG virtual executives work with clients using cloud-based conferencing, collaboration, and communication technologies.

About The BIRG Virtual Executives
The BIRG virtual executive can provide services as long as the client needs them, regardless of the time frame. There is no long term liability. The client can easily terminate the agreement and move on to a different virtual executive, if there is a need. BIRG also announced the launch of a companion website,, which details the virtual executive service offering.

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