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Business Leader Spotlight Show Features Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer Robert Butwinick in Online Radio Broadcast


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Minnesota-based personal injury lawyer Robert Butwinick recently gave an interview on popular Business Leader Spotlight Show hosted by Randy Van Ittersum on the topic “Valuable Insights You Should Know Before You Settle Your Personal Injury Claim.”

In the 20-minute interview, Butwinick shared the wisdom of hiring a personal injury attorney against doing it on one’s own—given the complicated workings of filing for claims, the lack of personal experience in the field, and the inconvenience of undertaking the process even while one is recuperating from an injury.

“Personal injury has really gotten more and more complex these days,” said Butwinick. “it seems to have new layers added to it every year in different legal decisions that impact those laws.”

He further explained that insurance companies are getting more sophisticated and aggressive in how they handle claims against an injured party.

“The increasing aggression and sophistication of the insurance companies, how they handle claims, how they fight them, how they look to minimize them, stacks the deck very heavily against an individual” said Butwinick. To get a compensation that the client deserves, he gets the help of accountants, required medical tests and have these interpreted by competent doctors. All these add to the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer to get the job done.

Some of the questions addressed by Atty. Butwinick included what hidden landmines to watch out for, the process one can expect to go through when they go for a consultation, the costs of a personal injury claim in Minnesota, and much more.

Visit this link to the Business Leader Spotlight Show featuring Atty. Robert Butwinick to hear the full interview and to get more information on filing personal injury claims in Maple Grove, MN.

About Atty. Robert S. Butwinick
Attorney Robert S. Butwinick practices personal injury law in Minnesota with over 18 years’ experience as a trial lawyer. He focuses on the recovery of money damages after an auto accident, but also handles slips and falls, product liability and work-related accidents as well.

As an injury attorney, Atty. Butwinick has been recognized at a Rising Star and later as a Super Lawyer in Law & Politics magazine. For several years Bob has served as an appointed Arbitrator, hearing and deciding No Fault automobile insurance disputes through the American Arbitration Association. Bob was recognized by Trial Lawyers Care, Inc. for providing free, quality legal representation to eligible victims and families of September 11th.

To learn more about Atty. Robert Butwinick or for consultation regarding a personal injury claim in Minnesota, visit the website

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