Favorable Small Business Loans from Sunwise Center Are Currently Available


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Small businesses can now greatly benefit from the business loans available by Sunwise Center. These loans are provoked by funding incentives that have recently risen. Business owners that qualify to the specific requirements can get from $10,000 up to 2 million business loan to expand their companies and take more profitable initiatives. They will be able to get these loans fast without any collateral or personal guarantees.

This business loan is based on businesses’ annual revenue, so the loan service is free and does not require personal information. The loan provided is non-restrictive and allows business owners to spend the full loan amount for their business the way they like, for example to hire more employees and expand the working power or invest in more professionals, for company’s renovation, for insurance and tax payments, to purchase equipment, to invest in newer technology, to pay off or consolidate debt, as funds for marketing strategies and so on.

The following requirements determine whether a particular company is qualified to get a small business loan or not:
- The company should currently generate a minimum of 250 thousand dollars in gross annual revenue.
- The company should be USA-based and should be in business for a minimum period of 1 year. For Construction loans the minimal period of company existence is 2 years.
- All kinds of bankruptcies, personal and business, should be discharged at least for 1 year.
- The company should not be in the field of investments, property management and real estate.

These are the main requirements for getting a favorable small business loan and all companies that meet them are already qualified to receive such a loan and use it the way they like.

Small business loans are an effective funding solution that is a bit different from the standard methods of loan obtaining. These business loans are generally preferred by business owners because of their limited collateral resources and the higher risk for their companies. These two factors make the process of loan obtaining more complicated that is why Sunwise Center has removed these two requirements and significantly facilitate the process of loan obtaining.

The funding of small business loans is quite identical to the funding of personal loans. Banks do not allow the starting companies to take startup loans because of the high risk of failing in short time. In that case, new business owners seek for other sources of getting loan, which are more willing to take such risk.

So there are organizations like that help owners get their small business loans that can help them start and expand their company the way they like, even when they are refused to take loans from the banks. They are interested in giving the opportunity to the new companies to succeed.

About Sunwise Center
Sunwise Center is a reliable financial agency that provides small business owners with the opportunity to take business loans at the most favorable conditions, without collateral and personal guarantees.