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Business Models Consultant Roy Daya Launches Socially Aware Initiative to Help Small Business Owners


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- World class business model consultant Roy Daya has spent 20 years helping thousands of business owners and management teams achieve success. A published author of three business models strategy books and a frequent speaker at trade events in Europe, the United States and Asia, Daya is launching a new socially aware initiative to allow business owners from underprivileged communities and minority groups to tap into his expertise.

As a leader in the field of business strategy consulting and process innovation, Daya has used his skills in building million dollar businesses and helping startups reach their full potential as viable businesses. As a business strategist he has a unique understanding of business models and has helped several troubled businesses turn around in record time using optimum resources.

As part of his new endeavor, Daya will extend each of his public speaking trips to include an additional day where he will provide a free full day seminar to local business owners from underprivileged communities or minority groups. “These businesses find it much harder to grow due to lack of strong business connections with well-established partners and customers,” Daya notes. He aims to help them on two fronts – by making sure their businesses are well aligned to grow and their business strategy is sound, and by helping them make powerful business connections.

"The irony is that the businesses that are doing the worst are the most reluctant to accept help,” Daya continued. “They are so used to fighting to survive that they are hesitant and even suspicious when offered help – even when it is free and all they have to do is attend and be open about their current business experiences and the goals.”

Daya will enlist the help of local business organizations, community groups and established companies around the world to coordinate the events and connect with small business owners. He urges organizations interested in having him speak in their communities to proactively reach out to him.

About Roy Daya, The Business Model Pro
Roy Daya is the business model pro. He is a world class business model consultant, author and keynote speaker with over 20 years of very active startup experience. Roy Daya is the secret weapon of many high-growth, international enterprises helping them to find creative and profitable market niches and business models. For more information, visit: http://thebusinessmodelpro.com