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Business Owners Are Turning Clicks Into Cash With the Help of Hutchinson Web Design


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2012 -- Tech-savvy online business owners have come to rely on many different techniques to market their products. Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising are two main staples of the online world, but business owners have recently discovered a third element that is essential for turning leads into actual sales. Many of them are now talking about the landing page and its role in generating sales. For those who are still asking themselves, “What is a landing page?” there is one website that provides a clear explanation of the landing page’s function and how it affects online business.

According to the Hutchinson Web Design website, “It is a page that is designed to give the user the information they want, provide them with a call to action and get them to follow the act to the end. With this in mind, each product or service needs its own landing page because they need to be dedicated, simple and straight to the point. If a page has too many products or features, break it into more than one page so the experience is focused and simple.”

Landing page design incites potential customers to act, but these customers must first get to the landing page. Moreover, online businesses providing multiple services or products may find client segmentation difficult, further complicating the online marketing process. For this reason, Hutchinson Web Design provides online marketing consulting services to help business owners develop complete marketing plans. These plans can include the design of multiple landing pages, traffic generation to these pages and conversion optimization.

When visiting the Hutchinson Web Design website, business owners will find a useful blog with articles such as “Designing Your Calls to Action to Reel in More Customers” and “Five Ways to Absolutely Explode Your Conversion Rate.” In the Learning Zone section of the website, visitors can download free resources like a Conversion Checklist that enables business owners to generate more sales with the same amount of website visitors. Visitors also have access to the Internet Marketing Inner Circle newsletter, which allows online businesses to stay in touch with the latest marketing and sales strategies.

For those who are interested in sophisticated online marketing techniques such as increasing conversion rates with AB testing and putting QR codes to use in order to drive traffic, the website also offers complimentary advanced video lessons.

About Hutchinson Web Design
Hutchinson Web Design is a UK-based online marketing consultancy that helps businesses to generate more leads online. The consultants at Hutchinson Web Design are experts in designing landing pages with strong calls to action, generating more traffic to landing pages through SEO and PPC campaigns and conducting tests to optimize conversion rates.

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