Business Printing Services in Dubai Continue to Grow, Survey Shows


Madisonburg, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Business card printing Dubai continues to experience rapid growth, contrary to belief that the business card died with the rise of online business tools and social media services. In fact, industry observers say the use of business cards and similar communications tool will only increase for the foreseeable future.

Along with business card, sticker printing Dubai remains a viable business, but what’s to account for their continued popularity? According to communications experts, business cards allow a company to distinguish itself from the competition that relies solely on the Internet.

Second, printed cards symbolize a physical link between company and client, something that virtual business cards cannot match. It is also a way for a company to extend its brand name in ways that the Internet cannot accomplish. However, there is no conflict between the two as the latest findings reveal that physical and virtual business cards complement one another.

Finally, there’s the fact there are still people who prefer to do business the traditional way and expect to receive a card of some sort. Experts in the field also say that when one hands out a card it adds a personal touch to the service that is often lacking nowadays. Given these reasons, it should not come as a surprise that printing companies continue to do well.

To meet the demand of a growing client base, popular printing service Dubai company Ex Print Wart announced an expansion of services. Apart from business cards, they now offer rollup banners, payment vouchers, receipt vouchers and more.

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