Business Review: Unified Communications (UC) - Gateway to Telecom Cost Savings - Report by Phone Experts

Unified Communications (UC) systems serve as the gateway to telecom cost savings in the modern business world by adopting a centralized communication infrastructure based on VoIP. This Business Review report examines the benefits and the approaches to realize UC systems for businesses.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Unified Communications features a centralized telecom infrastructure that boosts efficiency and saves costs for businesses. This report by phone system experts uncovers benefits and ways businesses can realize UC architectures.

Expert Review:

“Businesses can save costs significantly on the telecoms side by switching to VoIP and adopting a unified communications (UC) phone system architecture.” – Yaron Ram, Principal.

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

- UC is the act of integrating VoIP business phones and other VoIP phone system equipment into a singular platform that critically reduces costs and boosts performance on hosted business communication networks.

Benefits of Unified Communications

- UC helps growing businesses save costs

- UC boosts efficiency, power and productivity

- Uses VoIP phones to achieve a centralized adaptable communications infrastructure

- Unified communications blends voice, data, SMS, IM, video and other platforms together on the same network to save costs and boost efficiency

- Affordable VoIP services provide the backbone to support your UC infrastructure

How Cost Savings are Achieved in UC
- Businesses save costs on their telecommunications infrastructure by adopting VoIP as the backbone for both their Internet and phone system network services

- A second wave of cost reduction can be achieved through the use of telecom equipment that support UC (unified communications)

- Using VoIP ensures that both phone system voice services and other data services are supplied by the same connection

- The use of UC (unified communications) systems allows business communication networks to support voice, data, SMS, IM and other communication streams on the same device and the same network

- The cost of acquiring separate machines or configuring other devices and accessories can be avoided

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