Business Security Update: Outdoor IP Camera Review from Surveillance Experts

Looking to purchase a security system for your business? Need the inside scoop? This is it. This guide from surveillance experts gives a step-by-step on what to consider when choosing a security system for your business.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Security systems are absolutely essential – from IP based video security systems, to Wi-Fi operated outdoor cameras, network cameras and more – you simply can’t do business securely without them; whether keeping an eye on your employees or on your customers, the whole point is to secure your business’ interests.

Now how do you choose which one is right for you? Here’s a guide put together by the experts at – your home for phone systems and all things telecom.

First things first, what’s your plan?

Sure, you want to get a surveillance system, but what’s your plan? How do you intend to use it? It could be an on-site installation within your premises at a strategic location, or an indoor solution – the first step is to know the exact application you desire as this will inform the type and specification of camera you should purchase.

How large is your office/site?

The size of the space to be watched is also a factor in selecting security cameras because of the varying angles and tilts available on the cameras – some wide-angle or large-tilt cameras can capture a wider field of vision allowing fewer cameras to be installed.

Are you considering outdoor surveillance?

Do you need outdoor surveillance for parking lots, walkways, and a drive-thru? This should factor into the type of solution you purchase. For such large-scale outdoor applications, it may be better to use wide-angle or large-tilt networked cameras which you can monitor from a central onsite or remote console (IP based).

Do you have an existing VoIP network?

If you have an existing VoIP network then it will be cheaper and easier to migrate to an IP-based security camera solution that would operate in plug-and-play fashion, without the need for additional installation or networking.

How do you want to manage storage?

Are you big on network-based on-site storage? Or do you prefer VoIP-based online (cloud) storage? Factors like this can help you determine what systems to go for. In any case, it is wise to consult with experts.

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Telco Depot provides outdoor security cameras and corporate security solutions including:

30 FPS (Frames per Second) models supporting 10X (and greater) Zoom, Outdoor/Wi-Fi operation (some models), 3 LUX color night view, MPEG-4 Capability, 2-way audio, IPv6 and remote pan and tilt among other features.

Ask for: Panasonic models such as:

Panasonic Outdoor Network IP Ready Camera with LED lights 30FPS (thermal or motion detection and LED lighting @ 30FPS), Panasonic Outdoor basic Network IP ready camera 30FPS (monitor activities around the business or home), Panasonic Wireless Outdoor Pan & Tilt Network IP ready Camera (no wires needed, outdoor, pan & tilt with 2-way audio), and the Panasonic Outdoor Pan & Tilt PoE Network IP ready camera (no local power required due to PoE switch, MPEG-5 network camera, Pan & tilt controls & audio @ 30 FPS).

"IP camera-based video surveillance units are a great investment as part of any corporate security solution because of their ease of installation and use, as well as the fact that they are easily customized to match your business' security and video surveillance needs," says Principal Yaron Ram.

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