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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- The success of a business significantly depends on the business strategy implemented. Business people devise strategies based on the basic business ethics of maximum profit-minimum loss. However, a strategy can do more harm than good if various factors aren’t taken into account. An effective strategy considers all aspects of the business to yield profitable returns as expected. is an online service provider that can help business people develop solid business strategies.

The company provides business strategy frameworks that can guide a business strategist to develop strategies meeting their needs. The website provides various tool kits for this purpose. Each strategy tool kit discusses the development of various business strategy aspects namely Pricing Strategy, Growth strategy, and Cost reduction strategy. A few of the strategy tool kits offered by are conceived and devised by experienced strategy consultants from leading business firms.

“Our strategy tool kits and business frameworks are developed to help you in becoming an expert in Business Strategy,” promises the company. The company also offers a full set of Business framework tool kits featuring several PowerPoint presentations that cover the 45 basic business frameworks including financial, strategic and operational frameworks. Other strategy tool kits and guides offered by the company include Strategy development tool kit, Business case development guide, and Consolidation curve guide.

A few strategy kits specifically include MS Excel documents. For example, the Pricing strategy kit includes an Excel document featuring Price Sensitivity Financial Model. The strategy kit is meant to help users understand the development procedures of an effective strategy. The company claims that the tool kits can provide valuable ideas to business strategists, in developing tactics for strategies that would generate into profit within no time. also provides PowerPoint templates for various purposes including helping users in structuring business presentations attractively. Visit to purchase tool kits, business frameworks and PowerPoint templates.

About has remained one of the leading providers of business strategy tool kits and frameworks since the company was founded in 2010. The company was established by a group of management consultants who have years of experience in various fields like Operation/supply chain, corporate strategy, financial analysis, financial modeling and presentation development. The company guarantees the highest professional caliber for their products and the feedbacks of the various clients of the company make this fact evident.

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